Rome, or better Italy, is famous for its incredible food, from pasta to pizza (just to name a couple of
stereotypical foods we are most known for). Although around the world it may seem as if we only know how to do those two dishes, our cuisine is, in fact, quite vast. Desserts, for example, are not always considered and most likely to be underestimated. If you look closely while strolling through the streets of Rome you can find hidden gems that will get on your “must list” in a blink of the eye. Since during the short visits most of us allow in this beautiful city, we do not possess enough time to devote hours searching for undiscovered yet amazing little places, I will give you a hint on where to find one special place: Tiramisu’ Trastevere. You will thank me later.

tiramisu_trastevere_roma_9This understated locale has one of the most frivolous ideas that I have yet found. The concept is simple: you go and surprise, surprise, you are overwhelmed by a grandious amount of Tiramisu’, in every flavour you can think of.

The innovation comes from the new and (personally speaking, improved recipe. Tiramisu’ in fact does not add eggs to its desserts and it is also gluten free.

Angelo Spaziani, and his wife Orietta invented the concept in Frosinone, where Angelo owns a restaurant called Vaco. One day Orietta tried to convince her husband to add some tiramisu’ to his menu, but Angelo was concerned about the eggs. For Orietta, this simply became a challenge to overcome. At the concerned words of her husband she replied, “What if I managed to find a way to wipe away your worries?”

tiramisu_trastevere_roma_3That she did. She found a different way of working with the eggs; she invented a recipe, which needed none.

They first opened a locale in Frosinone as a test run. Since the result was more than positive they finally decided to open in one of the busiest and most popular neighborhoods in Rome: Trastevere. As you approach the quite stylish entrance the staff with a smile immediately welcomes you. The locale has the atmosphere of vintage that we all love with a pinch of what I call ‘”fun design’. Nonetheless the counter is composed by giant savoiardi just as inviting as the real ones you will find in the tiramisu’.

Another great feature and innovation is the fact that the desserts are not already prepared. In fact, they are assembled right in front of your eyes, so that you can enjoy the fascinating art of decorating and cooking this incredible sweet; and of course you have the pleasure of deciding which ingredients you want to add to your own tiramisu’. The flavours are varied,tiramisu_trastevere_roma_5 such as: classic, pan di stelle and nutella, oreo, pistachio, caramel, amaretto, mixed berries, banana and chocolate, strawberry, mint and dark chocolat, spagnola, almond milk, bacio, baba’, sbriciolata, and wafel, with the additional options of yogurt cream and gluten free.

The locale is open from 11 am until 1 am, which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy tiramisu’ at the time that suits best their own timetables. Other than tiramisu’, they also sell different flavours of Decor Store’s Italian confetti (from limoncello to ricotta and pear, from black coconut tartufo covered in white chocolate).

The decisions are tough to make when it comes to toppings, but have a sip of courage, and head on to the fabulous Tiramisu’ Trastevere Roma. Our favourite? Pan di stelle and Nutella!

See you there!


Tiramisu’ Trastevere Roma
Via San Francesco a Ripa 29
+39 06 580 6580

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