Emma Law

EmmaLaw_sEmma’s first trip abroad without the safety net of responsible adults may have involved an expired passport and a suitcase of badly chosen clothes, but it certainly whet her appetite for travel and discovery. In May 2014, after two previous trips to the Eternal City, Emma was inspired to pack up her desk and leave her PR and Marketing job to experience Rome as a local. Now, she does her best to live, breathe and especially eat the Roman lifestyle, all while managing to simultaneously improve and worsen her Italian language skills. You can follow her adventures via her blog or Instagram.


Kasper Kavalaris 

KasperArtistKasper Kavalaris fell in love with Italian culture while studying art in Florence. When his schooling was complete he moved back to his hometown of Chicago but could never stop thinking about Italy. Years later the stars aligned and Kasper was able to make the move to Rome. For more than 10 years Kasper has worked as a painter of portraits and other commissioned works as well as a freelance illustrator, and comic artist. More recently he has worked as a comic writer, storyboarding artist and finally, a journalist. Working in the comics industry allowed Kasper to blend his writing and drawing abilities, leading to the realization that his true passion is visual storytelling. At this point, while Kasper enjoys the opportunities that journalism presents in terms of meeting people and continuing to hone his writing, he is also converting two of his original comic scripts into screenplays that he plans to turn into feature films. You can find more of Kasper’s work at KasperArtist.com or @kasperkavalaris on Twitter and Instagram.


Angelica Gianni 

AngelicaGianniAngelica recently graduated in English and Comparative Literature, from Goldsmiths University of London. Her passions are books, art, travel, and food. She’s always on the look for new things, eager to learn as much as she is able to.


Sara Glenn

Sara_GlennSara is an interior designer and self-professed foodie with an endless passion for art, architecture and culture.  Her love affair with Italy started many years ago while studying in Rome, and when the opportunity arose to live her Italian dream, she jumped!  Wanderlust finds Sara traveling at every opportunity she can get. A shared enthusiasm for local travel, a careful selection of insider’s tips and off-the-beaten path experiences, have led Sara and her husband to document their research and adventures. You can follow along via their blog and Instagram.


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