AMG Luxury Fabrics & Interior Design

“It’s not about us and our style, it’s about the customer’s.” – Irene Garau I’m late when I arrive at the AMG studio. A beautiful young woman pauses her phone conversation to welcome me. While I wait, I admire the store. It’s a small space, intimate, elegant. Honey-colored light filters in through tall windows. Handmade […]


  This year marks the 160th anniversary of fashion icon, Burberry. Since its birth in 1856, the company has gone through continual transformation, but their two foundational elements, the trench coat and the distinctive tartan pattern, have remained the icons of the Burberry line. Originally, the company’s products were geared towards outdoor wear. In 1880, […]

The Hermès Carré:

A single, surprisingly simple square of silk, an Hermès scarf is sold somewhere around the world every 25 seconds. In the 79 years since the first Carré was designed by a friend of the family, the Hermès Carré has become a cultural icon. Queen Elizabeth II wore one in the portrait used for the 1966 […]