Forty Minutes with Photographer Arash Radpour

Over the clink of espresso saucers, mopeds, and distant train station announcements, Arash Radpour finishes up a phone conversation. He is casually dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and a light trench coat. Next to him sits a suitcase. We are standing at a café’s high-top table just across the street from Rome’s Termini station. I […]

Valentine’s Day with Antonella Salvucci

      It’s Valentines Day and I am meeting Antonella Salvucci at Zanzara, a trendy bar near the Vatican. We are standing outside when Keanu Reeves walks past us and gets into the passenger side of a vintage Fiat 500. I look at Antonella and she exclaims, “This is Rome!” Antonella Salvucci’s interest in […]


  From artists following The Grand Tour, to Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, the Bernini marbles, and Caravaggio masterpieces, art in Rome has a long and enduring history. Today, the typical tourist itinerary takes in the wealth of classical art the Eternal City has to offer. Cast your net a little further however, and you’ll discover […]

Bukowski’s Bar

Passing through an arch in the old stone Roman wall near St. Peters Square, I found myself on a picturesque street whose nostalgic ambiance would follow me all the way to the wrought iron and glass facade of Bukowski’s Bar. The first thing I noticed upon entering the cafe was a large bookcase covering one […]