SPACE, where taste has no timetable

All roads lead to Rome and among those of taste there is SPACE by Niko Romito, in Piazza Verdi. The chef is from Abruzzo, at the 3-star Michelin restaurant in Castel di Sangro (AQ), who has embarked on a new business venture this year to add to his curriculum. A few months ago, he opened […]

SAID dal 1923

    While walking through the Via Tiburtina, an old green van welcomes you to this amazing hidden gam in San Lorenzo. Do not miss this chance and just around the corner take a few steps along the lane. Especially if you like chocolate! SAID dal 1923 is one of the oldest chocolate factory in […]

Tiramisu’ Trastevere Roma

  Rome, or better Italy, is famous for its incredible food, from pasta to pizza (just to name a couple of stereotypical foods we are most known for). Although around the world it may seem as if we only know how to do those two dishes, our cuisine is, in fact, quite vast. Desserts, for […]

Cucina & Vista at Barcaccia

The Fontana della Barcaccia sits in the center of one of the most famous (and indeed touristy) squares in Rome, Piazza di Spagna. Nestled between the historic Babington’s Tea Room, a 19th Century meeting place with a penchant for English high tea and the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, the fountain occupies a picturesque spot of prime […]


  Back on a semi-cold day in autumn; when summer was not really gone yet; a small, cozy place was opening its eyes for the first time: Escosazio Juice & Organic Food. It was October, 2015. The creators; Gianluca Di Paolantonio, Luca Guerrieri, Enrico and Valeriano Cristini; after travelling to the most tropical places in […]


  Cat lovers behold! If you have ever wondered whether there was a place where you can enjoy a healthy, and yet delicious meal, with the company of your favourite fluffy friends, Romeow Cat Bistrot is the right place for you. After the success in London, and Paris of this ‘restaurant genre’, I was ecstatic to […]


One of my favourite observations of everyday life in Rome is seeing people carrying little packages from their local pasticceria. Small cakes and pastries, carefully placed into an elegant box or wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon, you’ll spot these being transported all around the city if you look closely. Whether it’s a special […]

Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini

  Before even crossing the doors of Museo Canova Tadolini, you can’t help but see the vast collection of sculptures inside. So large in number, they almost appear to be spilling out onto the street. An immense statue of a cavalier mounted upon his horse dominates the entrance. With the rider’s head almost touching the wooden […]

Bakery Restaurants in Rome, Meat Shop. culture

Le Carré Français

  It’s an uncharacteristically wet and grey day in Rome, and I’m standing outside Le Carré Français (The French Quarter) just off Piazza Cavour. An extensive display of French patisserie sits in the window. Passers-by stop to eyeball the array: pastries and tartlets filled with creme patisserie;, flavored with lemon; jeweled with raspberries; and scattered […]

Fa-Bio: Do Organic

Entering the small shop on Via Germanico, I encountered laughter and lively conversation mixed with the familiar hum of an industrial strength juicer and the hint of music playing in the background. I was immediately impressed by the clean, colorful and lively decor. It comes as no surprise that green is the dominant color for […]