Obicà and Campo dei Fiori

  Campo dei Fiori, the small square located near Piazza Navona, has gone through more than a few transformations. The name, which literally translates as “field of flowers”, was given to the area in the Middle Ages because it was just that: a field which lay undeveloped until the 15th century, possibly because of its […]


“This is not traditional food, this is a contortion of street food: Everything that is bad for you, we make good for you. We’re a hybrid model: The production is gourmet because everything is made by hand, however the restaurant is fast, with food prepared for you as you order.”  -Richard Thomas Ercolani, Not all […]

Cucina & Vista at Barcaccia

The Fontana della Barcaccia sits in the center of one of the most famous (and indeed touristy) squares in Rome, Piazza di Spagna. Nestled between the historic Babington’s Tea Room, a 19th Century meeting place with a penchant for English high tea and the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, the fountain occupies a picturesque spot of prime […]

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Barcelona’s Hotel W is where celebrities go to be noticed. Hotel Arts is where they stay when they no longer want to be spotted. The Hotel Arts’ private parking area beneath the 44-story square tower helps. Cooled by a rainforest of water, it leads directly to a complex and private system of elevators. From here, […]

Majestic Hotel

Italy has always been known for its quality food, vast restaurants, and hotels throughout its cities. Rome specifically, as caput mundi, holds some of the most popular, elegant, and renowned hotels and restaurants in the world. One in particular caught our attention and our appetite: the Majestic Hotel, located in Via Vittorio Veneto 50, 00187. […]

Daruma Sushi

Small colored plates glide into view, bringing with them carefully created rounds of sushi and sashimi; ruby red slices of tuna with a Turkish delight-like firmness, rolls coated in black and white sesame seeds and oblongs of white rice with snug salmon blankets. Before I can make my decision, the steady speed of the conveyor […]

Gaetano Costa Le Roof

Gaetano describes his food as, “Contemporary, not too modern or too classical.” I step out of the metro station into Piazza Euclide, named either for the Greek philosopher or, more famously, the father of geometry. Thinking about this leads me to wonder if there were any right angles at all in the train that carried […]

Gambero Rosso

  The Chinese New Year has always been an interesting, yet far away festivity; as Paolo Gorrieri (Manager Chinese Culinary Institute) stated, ”Their New Year is more like our Christmas.” Since it is so far away, the holiday is celebrated in most ethnically diverse cities around the world. Italy, having always been considered a country […]

Compagnia del Pane

“Know which side your bread is buttered on”, a “baker’s dozen”, “the best thing since sliced bread”. Being one of the oldest foods around, it’s easy to see how there are so many bread-related phrases, and why it crops up in numerous aspects of our lives. Man cannot live by bread alone but it’s fair […]

Prisco Ristorante

Often at a restaurant you know what to expect. You know more or less how the pasta will taste and you can predict that the steak will be served in the same traditional manner it’s always served. Sometimes I’ve mentally deliberated and selected from the menu before I’ve even stepped out the house. At Prisco […]