La Vi

It feels like we are back in Chicago. This is my first thought upon entering La Vi. Reclaimed wood, rustic metal touches, and industrial style lighting are mixed with more modern touches, such as velvet-upholstered chairs.  It’s the same look that characterizes much of Chicago’s up and coming west side where the trend of fashioning old […]

Obicà and Campo dei Fiori

  Campo dei Fiori, the small square located near Piazza Navona, has gone through more than a few transformations. The name, which literally translates as “field of flowers”, was given to the area in the Middle Ages because it was just that: a field which lay undeveloped until the 15th century, possibly because of its […]

TED Lobster and Burger

During one of our recent warm, and sunny days. I decided to visit TED, Lobster and Burger restaurant in the elegant, and sophisticated neighbourhood of Prati. After walking through the various green neighborhood streets I finally stepped into this innovative location. TED has now been open for the past six months, and since then  it […]

My April Fools Day

Marsha Salvatore has lived in Rome for 12 years. She hails from Cincinnati but with a name like Salvatore, it’s not hard to guess her heritage. It’s April Fools day and we are sitting at the back of the club while performers John Gilbert and Jose Salgado move around the room, prepping for the show. […]

Gaetano Costa Le Roof

Gaetano describes his food as, “Contemporary, not too modern or too classical.” I step out of the metro station into Piazza Euclide, named either for the Greek philosopher or, more famously, the father of geometry. Thinking about this leads me to wonder if there were any right angles at all in the train that carried […]

Bukowski’s Bar

Passing through an arch in the old stone Roman wall near St. Peters Square, I found myself on a picturesque street whose nostalgic ambiance would follow me all the way to the wrought iron and glass facade of Bukowski’s Bar. The first thing I noticed upon entering the cafe was a large bookcase covering one […]

Ninkasi Beer Shop

      Italy has always been known for its magnificent, unrivalled landscape. However, in the last few years something rather interesting has caught our attention that has absolutely nothing to do with nature’s beauty. Yes, we are talking about beer shops. Beer shops do not hold the best of histories. As early as 1830 an […]

Hotel de Russie

  The definition of elegance, sophistication and luxury, could easily define the Hotel Russie, located about 100 meters from Piazza di Popolo, in Rome’s bustling and energetic center. In close proximity to various attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, and the likes thereof, the location of this hotel is perfect. Add to this […]