How to Spend Saturday in Monti

Monti, a tiny quartiere tucked away beside the Colosseum, might be small in size, but it has a lot packed in between its walls. Its history is varied and colourful; hardly surprising for the area which grew up alongside the Roman Forum, the political heart of the Roman empire. The original red-light district, in Roman […]

Triumphs and Laments

One of the most ambitious works of a renowned artist was able to find its spot in Rome, thanks to the aid of Roma Capitale and the organization TEVERETERNO. The artist, William Kentridge, famous for his different approaches to art, was born in 1955, in Johannesburg, South Africa. His works (performances, films, sculptures, etc.) have […]

GG-loop Presents

  In 2015 GG-loop, an architectural practice set in Amsterdam, released an extremely unique project called The Seed of Time, composed of three different parts: the Gentle Genius, the Infection, and a culinary artwork. The latter was by artist Monika Kisic from Lima, a member of the art collective Elephants & Volcanoes, also called The […]


  Located on the site of a former military barracks, the grey concrete structure of the MAXXI museum is a stark contrast to its residential surroundings. It’s situated in the Flaminio district of Rome, just north of Piazza del Popolo, where the majority of the neighborhood’s buildings are multi-story palazzos with muted beige, orange and […]

Douglas Dean Directs an All-Female Hamlet

  I‘m headed into Trastevere to talk with director Douglas Dean about his newest theater production of Hamlet. I cross the Tiber and head towards the statue of poet Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, who surveys the piazza in his top hat and coat, gripping his cane maybe a bit too tightly. There is a slight irony […]

Rovescio Street Art Tours

It’s a bright, blue-sky day and I’m standing outside the old Testaccio slaughterhouse. Built in the late 19th century, it was a busy, industrial part of town, home to the hard-working people of Rome. In use for almost 100 years, it closed in 1975 and was then left abandoned. As weeds and ruin crept in, […]

Francesco Cinquemani:

  This June, as the summer blockbuster season begins, Francesco Cinquemani’s action thriller, Andron: The Black Labyrinth will be arriving at theaters in America. The cast includes notable figures such as Alec Baldwin, Skin (singer of Skunk Anansie), and Clara Pasieka who recently appeared in David Cronenberg’s film, Maps to the Stars. Whenever I think […]

Gambero Rosso

  The Chinese New Year has always been an interesting, yet far away festivity; as Paolo Gorrieri (Manager Chinese Culinary Institute) stated, ”Their New Year is more like our Christmas.” Since it is so far away, the holiday is celebrated in most ethnically diverse cities around the world. Italy, having always been considered a country […]

An Artist’s Journey to Rome:

A couple enjoys a casual Saturday stroll. A child wearing cumbrous rollberblades clatters over the sanpietrini as his mother calls out to him. I catch sight of Andrea and stand up from my seat on an ancient stone where I’d been watching the slow current of people moving through Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina. […]

Project Rome

  “There’s a line in society. If you go below that line, you become invisible. It’s a lot easier to fall below the line than it is to get back up over it”. – Mary Stuart-Miller   Mary Stuart-Miller is a passionate woman, and Project Rome deals with the serious issue of homelessness, but it […]