Musa Luxury Spa

The only sound I hear is the distant trickle of a small waterfall. Cool light shines up through the slats of the cedar bench. The sauna is quiet, silent enough to hear the inner voice that is too subtle to be heard out in the rodeo that is the real world. I check the sand […]

Prince Spa

  The clop of heels on stones and the laughter of a passing crowd are abruptly silenced as the automatic revolving door transmits me into the lobby of the Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel. I ride the elevator down and step out into the reception area. It seems clear that the spa’s designer cares very […]

The Rome Cavalieri

The Waldorf Hotel looks out over the city from the top of one of Rome’s surrounding hills. The main complex is set in a large park amid lush vegetation. Palm and cypress trees stretch upward, while majestic Italian stone pines spread their parasols over wide expanses of well-tended grounds maintained by diligent attendants. I enter […]