Prince Spa

  The clop of heels on stones and the laughter of a passing crowd are abruptly silenced as the automatic revolving door transmits me into the lobby of the Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel. I ride the elevator down and step out into the reception area. It seems clear that the spa’s designer cares very […]

The Rome Cavalieri

The Waldorf Hotel looks out over the city from the top of one of Rome’s surrounding hills. The main complex is set in a large park amid lush vegetation. Palm and cypress trees stretch upward, while majestic Italian stone pines spread their parasols over wide expanses of well-tended grounds maintained by diligent attendants. I enter […]

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Barcelona’s Hotel W is where celebrities go to be noticed. Hotel Arts is where they stay when they no longer want to be spotted. The Hotel Arts’ private parking area beneath the 44-story square tower helps. Cooled by a rainforest of water, it leads directly to a complex and private system of elevators. From here, […]


As much as I adore Rome, it can’t be denied that Italy in general is a unique and special country. For instance, I had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Milan, a cultured, modern, energetic city that is filled with art. Walking around the main sights, such as Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Castello Sforzesco, La […]

Majestic Hotel

Italy has always been known for its quality food, vast restaurants, and hotels throughout its cities. Rome specifically, as caput mundi, holds some of the most popular, elegant, and renowned hotels and restaurants in the world. One in particular caught our attention and our appetite: the Majestic Hotel, located in Via Vittorio Veneto 50, 00187. […]

Rovescio Street Art Tours

It’s a bright, blue-sky day and I’m standing outside the old Testaccio slaughterhouse. Built in the late 19th century, it was a busy, industrial part of town, home to the hard-working people of Rome. In use for almost 100 years, it closed in 1975 and was then left abandoned. As weeds and ruin crept in, […]

Palazzo Fendi

The luxury retail experience is nothing new in Rome. Everyday, shoppers flood into the center and crowd the streets around Piazza di Spagna and beyond. High-end garments finished with the finest embellishments and partnered with the most coveted catwalk accessories adorn the windows of the biggest fashion houses. Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Versace, all the big […]

Francesco Cinquemani:

  This June, as the summer blockbuster season begins, Francesco Cinquemani’s action thriller, Andron: The Black Labyrinth will be arriving at theaters in America. The cast includes notable figures such as Alec Baldwin, Skin (singer of Skunk Anansie), and Clara Pasieka who recently appeared in David Cronenberg’s film, Maps to the Stars. Whenever I think […]


Ponza is recognized as one of the most beautiful islands in all the Mediterranean. Since Roman times, Ponza has enchanted visitors with the transparency of its surrounding sea and the beauty of its coasts. Today, it is among the most desirable destinations by tourists from around the world. But few know the beauty of the hinterland: […]

Hotel d’Inghilterra

Few locations in Rome can boast a history as prestigious as that of the Hotel d’Inghilterra. It is beloved for its magnificent location (surrounded by luxurious shopping), its compelling history, and its unique but traditional manner. One of the hotel’s most famous residents was the English Romantic poet John Keats who spent time in the […]