Ginger Bistro

Ginger Bistro opened in 2012 with the idea of combining gusto with healthy, organic, vegan, and vegetarian products. Near Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti, and of course Via Del Corso, Ginger has maintained the highest standards that Roma’s centre has been keeping for the past years. The restaurant is both as fashionable as it sounds […]

Prince Spa

  The clop of heels on stones and the laughter of a passing crowd are abruptly silenced as the automatic revolving door transmits me into the lobby of the Parco Dei Principi Grand Hotel. I ride the elevator down and step out into the reception area. It seems clear that the spa’s designer cares very […]

The Rome Cavalieri

The Waldorf Hotel looks out over the city from the top of one of Rome’s surrounding hills. The main complex is set in a large park amid lush vegetation. Palm and cypress trees stretch upward, while majestic Italian stone pines spread their parasols over wide expanses of well-tended grounds maintained by diligent attendants. I enter […]

Red Valentino and Marie Antoinette

  Every season is an opportunity for the creative directors of Red Valentino to seek out new inspiration, and they always seem to do it in the most interesting of ways. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli seem to enjoy selecting obscure cultural references, often synthesizing highly diverse elements into a keystone from which they […]

Bikram Yoga Roma

“First you’ll feel like you’re dying, then you’ll feel reborn.” There are many styles of yoga, and just like styles of clothing, it comes down to personal preference and what fits with your body. If you are the kind of person who has ever wondered what running the last few miles of a marathon might […]

TED Lobster and Burger

During one of our recent warm, and sunny days. I decided to visit TED, Lobster and Burger restaurant in the elegant, and sophisticated neighbourhood of Prati. After walking through the various green neighborhood streets I finally stepped into this innovative location. TED has now been open for the past six months, and since then  it […]


  Back on a semi-cold day in autumn; when summer was not really gone yet; a small, cozy place was opening its eyes for the first time: Escosazio Juice & Organic Food. It was October, 2015. The creators; Gianluca Di Paolantonio, Luca Guerrieri, Enrico and Valeriano Cristini; after travelling to the most tropical places in […]

Tod’s Car Shoe:

In the 1960s, the Jet-Set Era was in full swing. The luxurious lifestyles of Bardot, Hepburn, Sinatra, and the like were broadcast to the world. Everyone wanted to know where they were vacationing, what cars they were driving, and what clothes they were wearing. Enter Gianni Angelli, head of Fiat Motors. Often called “The Godfather […]

GG-loop Presents

  In 2015 GG-loop, an architectural practice set in Amsterdam, released an extremely unique project called The Seed of Time, composed of three different parts: the Gentle Genius, the Infection, and a culinary artwork. The latter was by artist Monika Kisic from Lima, a member of the art collective Elephants & Volcanoes, also called The […]

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Barcelona’s Hotel W is where celebrities go to be noticed. Hotel Arts is where they stay when they no longer want to be spotted. The Hotel Arts’ private parking area beneath the 44-story square tower helps. Cooled by a rainforest of water, it leads directly to a complex and private system of elevators. From here, […]