Antico Caffe Greco

  Humans like consistency. It can instill respect, a sense of safety and security, or, in the case of my early morning walk to the ancient Roman wall near my apartment in San Giovanni, even awe. It always blows my mind to think that my eyes are scanning across the same exact stones and bricks […]

Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini

  Before even crossing the doors of Museo Canova Tadolini, you can’t help but see the vast collection of sculptures inside. So large in number, they almost appear to be spilling out onto the street. An immense statue of a cavalier mounted upon his horse dominates the entrance. With the rider’s head almost touching the wooden […]

Caffetteria dei Gracchi

Caffetteria dei Gracchi, situated in Prati, is a place where both tourists and Italians sit elbow-to-elbow enjoying the neighborly atmosphere. Here you can sit amongst local office workers enjoying lunch away from their desks, shoppers grabbing a pit stop coffee and tourists giving their aching feet a much-needed break. With its multicolored tables and chairs […]