Gerardo Sacco

Unique, intricate, and dazzling are just a few words to describe the works of master goldsmith Gerardo Sacco. His passion for jewelry started at the tender age of 10 and provided him the opportunity to better his life. Forced to drop out of school and work to help support himself and his family, Sacco soon […]

Leo Pizzo

“In Italy, creativity is very important and recognized in everything, in all that is produced here.” – Leo Pizzo In 1971, Sara Di Giorgio Pizzo and Leo Pizzo started a jewelry brand together. Forty-five years later, the family business is going strong with a second generation poised to add their expertise to the ever-changing landscape […]


  It’s easy to miss Rechicle at first; tucked away on a quiet street in Prati, there is no grand sign announcing its presence to passersby. In fact, the only thing giving it away is the window display, which tantalisingly reveals colourful vintage bags and scarves, alongside 1950s beauty cases and designer sunglasses. Intrigued, I […]