Ramen Bar Akira

Until just a few months ago, on the corner of Via Ostiense and Via Pellegrino Matteucci stood a very sad and tired stationary shop. Eventually, the signs in the window offering cheap photocopying were replaced by closing down notices and the doors shut for the final time. Later, building supplies and other signs of life […]


  Cat lovers behold! If you have ever wondered whether there was a place where you can enjoy a healthy, and yet delicious meal, with the company of your favourite fluffy friends, Romeow Cat Bistrot is the right place for you. After the success in London, and Paris of this ‘restaurant genre’, I was ecstatic to […]

Gaetano Costa Le Roof

Gaetano describes his food as, “Contemporary, not too modern or too classical.” I step out of the metro station into Piazza Euclide, named either for the Greek philosopher or, more famously, the father of geometry. Thinking about this leads me to wonder if there were any right angles at all in the train that carried […]


Nestled in the hip zone of Prati, a bustling neighborhood full of Italian professionals and local residents, and not far from the Vatican walls, is a lovely little unassuming restaurant named 3 Quarti. Meaning three quarters, the name is obviously being modest because there is nothing incomplete about this little eatery. Seventh generation Roman, owner, […]