Valentine’s Day with Antonella Salvucci

      It’s Valentines Day and I am meeting Antonella Salvucci at Zanzara, a trendy bar near the Vatican. We are standing outside when Keanu Reeves walks past us and gets into the passenger side of a vintage Fiat 500. I look at Antonella and she exclaims, “This is Rome!” Antonella Salvucci’s interest in […]

Gambero Rosso

  The Chinese New Year has always been an interesting, yet far away festivity; as Paolo Gorrieri (Manager Chinese Culinary Institute) stated, ”Their New Year is more like our Christmas.” Since it is so far away, the holiday is celebrated in most ethnically diverse cities around the world. Italy, having always been considered a country […]

Hotel de Russie

  The definition of elegance, sophistication and luxury, could easily define the Hotel Russie, located about 100 meters from Piazza di Popolo, in Rome’s bustling and energetic center. In close proximity to various attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, and the likes thereof, the location of this hotel is perfect. Add to this […]