From artists following The Grand Tour, to Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, the Bernini marbles, and Caravaggio masterpieces, art in Rome has a long and enduring history. Today, the typical tourist itinerary takes in the wealth of classical art the Eternal City has to offer. Cast your net a little further however, and you’ll discover […]


    A well-dressed man with salt and pepper hair rests casually against the stone wall facing the chocolatier and gelateria bearing the mysterious name Quetzalcoatl. I am sure this is Jacques. I introduce myself. He greets me with a big smile and leads me into his store. We sit at a small table beneath a […]

Saddlers Union

            Secluded, quiet, and surprisingly leafy green for a street in the center of Rome, Via Margutta has a reputation as being the road of artisans. In 1953 this quaint street was thrown into the world’s consciousness by the popular film Roman Holiday. Once the world saw Gregory Peck and […]


  It’s easy to miss Rechicle at first; tucked away on a quiet street in Prati, there is no grand sign announcing its presence to passersby. In fact, the only thing giving it away is the window display, which tantalisingly reveals colourful vintage bags and scarves, alongside 1950s beauty cases and designer sunglasses. Intrigued, I […]

Prisco Ristorante

Often at a restaurant you know what to expect. You know more or less how the pasta will taste and you can predict that the steak will be served in the same traditional manner it’s always served. Sometimes I’ve mentally deliberated and selected from the menu before I’ve even stepped out the house. At Prisco […]

Hotel de Russie

  The definition of elegance, sophistication and luxury, could easily define the Hotel Russie, located about 100 meters from Piazza di Popolo, in Rome’s bustling and energetic center. In close proximity to various attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, and the likes thereof, the location of this hotel is perfect. Add to this […]

The Nuovo Rinascente

Rinascente – if you’re familiar with Italy and you love shopping, then you’ve likely heard of it. This Italian shopping center is more than a mall; it’s more like a luxury New York Macy’s dedicated to the finest in men’s and women’s fashion, household items, wellness products, and more. Just last year, Roman residents flooded […]


Rome is known for having rather heavy cuisine, with dishes such as pasta alla carbonara, alla gricia, and all ‘amatriciana; all of which feature guanciale (pork cheek) and plenty of the pungent and unmistakable pecorino romano; being among the most common and popular in restaurants. And justifiably so. Not only are they delicious but they are intrinsically […]

Grappa, Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Grappa is a brandy made from the pomace of grapes that are produced, vinified, and distilled exclusively in Italy. The production of grappa is a meticulous art, and discovering it is truly a full immersion experience into the fascinating methods used to produce the highest quality grappa. In particular this is done by a dedicated […]

The Magical Atmosphere of Casa Coppelle

Casa Coppelle is a familiar echo of Fellini’s masterpiece The Dolce Vita, where you find yourself whisked to the place itself, tailing the events of Marcello Rubini, the paparazzi, and the seductive Sylvia, Emma and Steiner, meanwhile capturing precious glimpses of Rome in the 1960s. A short walk from the Pantheon, situated in Piazza delle […]

Montasio Cheese

Cheese lovers know of mozzarella, gorgonzola, and parmigiano, but have you heard of Montasio? If not, it’s time to get familiar with it! Produced from June to September according to traditional, antique methods in Montasio, the highest pastures in the spectacular Alps, this prized cheese is one of the most popular within Italy. The flavorful […]


When you hear the words Italian Fashion, one does not deny the immediate images of sophisticated and chic Italian women, quietly sashaying down the roman streets while their garments do all the talking. These women are the clear portrait of the most feminine Italian style the world has come to know, and you can find […]

The Roman Ghetto:

The Jewish Quarter in Rome is a world of its own, an enclave built by the constraints of a dark history. But since it has become an inviting and elegant corner in Rome, attracting both locals and tourists. It is located just off the busy Lungotevere de’ Cenci street running along the Tiber River. The […]

Osteria Romana di Simmi

As the season begins to turn from stifling summer to the cooler and windier autumn months, the temperatures drop; and ideas of dining out in sun-baked piazzas change towards cozy, intimate restaurants tucked away down quiet cobbled streets. However, the capricious Roman weather can mean that you have no idea what the weather will do […]

Porchetta from Ariccia

The beautiful Albani Hills, located just outside Rome, have been a destination of wealthy and important families, not to mention the permanent residence of many monasteries, for millennia. Here in the charming town of Ariccia, where the lip smacking delicious roasted pork known as porchetta became so famous, thanks to the sagra first held in […]


Rhinoceros, an amazing art space, opened on 13th October 2018 in the heart of classical Rome, between the Velabro, The Palatine Hill, and the Mouth of Truth. Rhinoceros Palace, itself, which is a total of 3,500 square meters, was designed and furnished by the French architect Jean Nouvel over eight years of work. The project was […]