From artists following The Grand Tour, to Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, the Bernini marbles, and Caravaggio masterpieces, art in Rome has a long and enduring history. Today, the typical tourist itinerary takes in the wealth of classical art the Eternal City has to offer. Cast your net a little further however, and you’ll discover […]


    A well-dressed man with salt and pepper hair rests casually against the stone wall facing the chocolatier and gelateria bearing the mysterious name Quetzalcoatl. I am sure this is Jacques. I introduce myself. He greets me with a big smile and leads me into his store. We sit at a small table beneath a […]

Saddlers Union

            Secluded, quiet, and surprisingly leafy green for a street in the center of Rome, Via Margutta has a reputation as being the road of artisans. In 1953 this quaint street was thrown into the world’s consciousness by the popular film Roman Holiday. Once the world saw Gregory Peck and […]


  It’s easy to miss Rechicle at first; tucked away on a quiet street in Prati, there is no grand sign announcing its presence to passersby. In fact, the only thing giving it away is the window display, which tantalisingly reveals colourful vintage bags and scarves, alongside 1950s beauty cases and designer sunglasses. Intrigued, I […]

Prisco Ristorante

Often at a restaurant you know what to expect. You know more or less how the pasta will taste and you can predict that the steak will be served in the same traditional manner it’s always served. Sometimes I’ve mentally deliberated and selected from the menu before I’ve even stepped out the house. At Prisco […]

Hotel de Russie

  The definition of elegance, sophistication and luxury, could easily define the Hotel Russie, located about 100 meters from Piazza di Popolo, in Rome’s bustling and energetic center. In close proximity to various attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, and the likes thereof, the location of this hotel is perfect. Add to this […]

How to Spend Saturday in Monti

Monti, a tiny quartiere tucked away beside the Colosseum, might be small in size, but it has a lot packed in between its walls. Its history is varied and colourful; hardly surprising for the area which grew up alongside the Roman Forum, the political heart of the Roman empire. The original red-light district, in Roman […]

Ristorante Vista by Casina Valadier

Hundreds, if not thousands of photographs are taken everyday from the top of the Pincian Hill. Il Pincio as it’s known in Italian, overlooks Piazza del Popolo and offers one of the best views across the Rome skyline. This elegant space was designed by Roman architect Giuseppe Valadier to link the hill with the piazza […]


Italians are known the world over for their sophisticated and apparently effortless style. Not everyone here accessorizes designer garb with an espresso and a cigarette, but this Italian cliché has more than a grain of truth in it. Looking good matters here, and achieving la bella figura goes deeper than just the clothes you wear. […]

Roma Beer Company

  With such an abundance of tourist attractions situated in the historical center, it’s easy to see why large numbers of travellers spend most of their time there. Whilst the grandeur of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain or the Forum is not to be missed, there’s certainly more to Rome than just checking off the big […]

Osteria Margutta

Just a side step from the main shopping strip, Via del Corso, lays Via Margutta. A quiet street with a color palette of earthy terracotta brown, amber and orange. Trailing ivy and wisteria plants climb across the stone buildings and give the road a secret garden feel. The rushed pace of the city center, which […]

La Vi

It feels like we are back in Chicago. This is my first thought upon entering La Vi. Reclaimed wood, rustic metal touches, and industrial style lighting are mixed with more modern touches, such as velvet-upholstered chairs.  It’s the same look that characterizes much of Chicago’s up and coming west side where the trend of fashioning old […]

Taki Ristorante and Sushi Bar

In the window of Taki, a Japanese restaurant just off Piazza Cavour in Prati, I notice the familiar signs seen in sushi joints around the world. As impressed as I am at the techniques involved in making fake plastic models of food, these trite displays don’t usually fill me with confidence about the quality of […]

Ramen Bar Akira

Until just a few months ago, on the corner of Via Ostiense and Via Pellegrino Matteucci stood a very sad and tired stationary shop. Eventually, the signs in the window offering cheap photocopying were replaced by closing down notices and the doors shut for the final time. Later, building supplies and other signs of life […]

Tiramisu’ Trastevere Roma

  Rome, or better Italy, is famous for its incredible food, from pasta to pizza (just to name a couple of stereotypical foods we are most known for). Although around the world it may seem as if we only know how to do those two dishes, our cuisine is, in fact, quite vast. Desserts, for […]

Triumphs and Laments

  Anita Ekberg stands 10 meters tall along the banks of the river Tiber. In this interpretation of the iconic scene from La Dolce Vita, she isn’t cavorting in the Trevi Fountain but standing in a bathtub. Further down the river, Daphne spurns the advances of Apollo, metamorphosing into a laurel tree as her only […]