The definition of elegance, sophistication and luxury, could easily define the Hotel Russie, located about 100 meters from Piazza di Popolo, in Rome’s bustling and energetic center. In close proximity to various attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Borghese Gardens, and the likes thereof, the location of this hotel is perfect. Add to this excellent location, the fact that the hotel houses a restaurant and cocktail area within a large 2,000 year old medieval, walled and private garden, complete with stagelite fountains, various climbing stone pathways, orange trees and moss covered gardens with mood lighting to boot, and you have one of the most exclusive and unique hotels in Rome.

As soon as you enter the hotel’s lobby, you know you are “not in Kansas” anymore. You leave the streets of Rome to be immediately engulfed by a peaceful and protective feeling of luxury, along with a friendly and welcoming greeting from the hotel’s doormen.

Each week, the hotel’s in-house professional florist, Sebastian, uses his vast, creative talents and impeccable taste to turn the lobby into a wonderland of beauty and elegance. His installations are almost like living art and display the freshest of flowers and exotic plants in beautiful vases of various shapes and sizes. His creativity knows no bounds and his incorporation of materials like natural crystal, feathers and glass, create an ethereal and breathtaking setting that immediately puts your mind into another world.

IMG_73031-330x440The lobby also hosts many important art and sculpture work that beckons you to want to see more as the lobby opens up like the layers of an onion. There are various rooms and common areas on the ground floor where you can relax with a newspaper or magazine or simple conversation while sitting on leather club chairs or sofas.

The hotel hosts several high end retailers and displays merchandise ranging from Cartier to Tory Burch to Tods and the likes thereof. The best of the best in luxury item retailers vie for window space in this who’s who of hotels. These items can be purchased directly from the hotel or the hotel can arrange for one of the store’s representatives to come onsite and provide a private shopping experience for guests.

Russie-4As you go through the lobby, you can reach the hotel’s gardens on the other side and enter into an outdoor area that is surrounded by the hotels rooms as well as the medieval gardens. This beautiful, lush setting provides the backdrop to the hotels restaurant and cocktail area. Diners can dine al fresco in either a casual setting amongst other guests while enjoying a meal or aperitivo or one can choose to dine further up in the gardens in the hotel’s more formal restaurant.

The food ranges from classic Italian dishes to more creative takes on gourmet Italian. All ingredients are the freshest and most delicious in season and are served in creative presentations that are both elegant as well as non-pretentious. It is easy to relax among friends here. You will quickly realize that this isn’t a typical restaurant in Rome as both the service and the surroundings keep reminding you that you are dining in a very special and exclusive environment, with the one goal in mind of helping you to relax and connect with whatever agenda you have at the moment.


The rooms of course range in price, but this is probably one of the most expensive and exclusive hotels in Rome, hosting many celebrities, dignitaries, and successful business people from around the world. Don’t expect a lot of hoopla or drama though as the hotel specializes in discreetness and privacy in a way that only the Italians can achieve. We’re all here for the same reason, to enjoy life and get away from the day to day.


So whether you are looking for accommodations, a beautiful meal, or simply aperitivo in a very special and exclusive setting, Hotel Russie remains one of my favorite and most special hotels in Rome to recommend. Expect an out of this world experience and unique memories in a city that is known for its excellence and comfort. This hotel is clearly the best of the best and it clearly knows it.


Hotel de Russie
Via del Babuino, 9
tel: 06 328881



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